Our Principles

We are Pioneer, honesty to us is a core philosophy that governs all our actions starting from purchase of the right paper from the right people to selling via the right people at right prices. Our processes are fully documented for anyone to see for general knowledge or fact or fault checking. We are committed to this value so much that we are the ONLY company to print GSM in eastern India. Practices like these pay us rich dividends in terms of strong sales and top of the mind recall by our beloved student community.

Trust is another core principle of ours and our ability to take on huge competition in the market is thanks to this trust that the student community has put in us via the use of our products. In retrospect we have always stood by our values and vision - of enabling students with the best tools of learning – come what may. The aspect of reliability of regular supply of consistent quality product from Pioneer has garnered invaluable trust from all stakeholders and wellwishers starting from paper mills right till the end consumer i.e. the student who buys our notebooks.